Juuuust when you think you have something interesting to talk about, you start to second-guess yourself… “Is blogging not that easy?”

Blogging doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you know what you’re doing. The tips below will help you figure out what your blog may lack and why it’s not gaining the traffic you were expecting.

Wrong keywords

Identify your target audience. Who they are and what they want will tell you exactly what they’re searching for. And you’d better be a master on that topic. Let’s say you start a baking blog centered on your grandmother’s sweet treat recipes. Each post should be flooded with keywords relevant to baking, sweet treats, desserts, recipes, etc. That way, the next time a mom’s son wins his soccer championship game, she’ll search for ‘killer-sweet-yummy-chocolate-dessert-easy-brownie-recipe’ and your blog will appear. Put yourself in the readers mind; what would you search for and what words would you use?

Structure is not inviting

The way you piece together your blog has a lot of leeway when it comes to making reputable impressions.

  • Break it down—avoid long paragraphs and boring, lengthy excerpts. Viewers want a cut-to-the-chase, one-and-done destination. Give them something short and sweet, not something they have to sift through or skim.
  • Add pictures, but cool pictures. Funny ones or just plain entertaining ones, but definitely relevant ones. Pictures should enhance the blog, not serve as a distraction to the writing.
  • Include quotes. A blog doesn’t always have to be your writing from start to finish. It can be someone else’s, but only if you give the credit where credit is due, of course. Use the quote as an image and make it big to show emphasis or grab the reader’s attention. Or, include a quote in your writing to enhance the information being provided.
  • Embedded links make it more interesting! Not only are you proving your credibility will reputable sources, but you’re also inviting the viewers to explore deeper into the topic that they originally came to your blog for—quality and convenience.

Lacks direction

Do you have call-to-actions? Are you sending your viewers to more of your sites after reading? Redirecting your readers is essential to broadening and showing the value of your blog. Try sending them to another one of your previously written blogs or maybe to your webpage, if applicable. Wherever you send them, just send them somewhere.

It’s not worth the read

Have a purpose. Are you entertaining, providing information, telling a story, etc.? Don’t just write stuff to write stuff. Your readers will have a reason to search for your blog, so your blog should have a reason for them to read yours and not someone else’s.

Competitors are overriding

You don’t know who’s out there and whom you’re competing against until you look. There are hundreds upon thousands of blogs written daily, and you want yours to stand out. Find out what your competitors are good at, but also what they’re bad at. Determine what makes you different, and what makes you stand tall in the crowd. Then, play that to your advantage; you’re unique because ___, you’re better at ____, and your competitors don’t ____, but you do.

Now if these pointers don’t help you become successful, then grandma’s recipes just weren’t that great.



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