A passion project. Taking on and working toward a goal that you are passionate about. Maybe one that you take on during your free time. Usually one that you may gain something from: a benefit or the satisfaction of overcoming a challenge, or both. 

This isn’t a job, an obligation, or an expectation. It’s a wish, an aspiration, or a need to accomplish something.

Does everyone have a passion project? Better yet, should everyone? Absolutely. Every one needs a goal, or something to work toward for his or her satisfaction.

Adopting a new goal and being steadfast in its success can be both overwhelming and exciting. But if you’re looking for specific reasons as to why YOU should take on a passion project, read below. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Maintain your artistic soul.

The idea of a passion project is based on what you love or love to do. What are your best attributes and skills? What inspires you? What makes you happier? Do what makes you smile, or what makes your creative juices flow. Reconnect with your mind, soul, and body. Stay in tune with what you are passionate about. Don’t lose your spark.


Personal accomplishments.

Sometimes business accomplishments aren’t enough. Sometimes those are more of an expectation rather than a true will and desire. While a job can be wonderful, can get you paid on time, and can get you up and dressed in the morning, working toward or succeeding in a personal accomplishment can be empowering. Work toward your dreams. Accomplish things in life for you.


Working toward a goal every day.

Need something to turn to every now and then? Maybe a task to keep your mind preoccupied or something to keep you busy when you aren’t at work, or running errands, or thinking about “what’s next?” Setting goals for yourself can help you stay organized in other areas of your life as well. Whether that is through a dedicated schedule or a to-do list, you will always have something new to work toward. The feeling you get when it’s completed, when your passion project has come to fruition, is unbeatable.


Learning a new skill.

Challenge yourself. Possibly something you are not too familiar with or wish you knew more about. Can you read about this topic in books or online? Do you have a friend or family member to turn to for advice or support? Surround yourself with activities, thoughts, and people that will encourage your learning of a new skill. Apply this skill—how can this new or desired skill help you succeed in your passion project?


Achieving greater happiness.

People say that keeping your mind stimulated with things you enjoy will lead to greater happiness. Seems simple and true. The question is what to keep your mind stimulated by? What do you truly enjoy in life? When thinking of the answer, do you catch yourself smiling? That thing makes you happy. That same thing could make you happier on day-to-day, not just in the long run. Do what makes you happy everyday.

Follow your passion to the project. Happy, dedicated, and driven.


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