Why You Need a Mentor

One of the main perks in chasing and choosing a gig life, is the professional independence it offers. Yet being independent does not mean that you are doing it all yourself, and most successful pros will quickly claim the direct influence of a mentor.

Finding the right individual to provide mentoring is a critical step toward success. And looking at just some of the many benefits offered by a mentor, it is easy to understand why:

  • Mentors Offer Experience: The obvious reason you connect with a mentor is to tap their experience in the field you are tackling. It doesn’t mean they are older than you or have a higher title necessarily, but that they have some years of direct contact in the area you are entering.
  • Mentors Offer Encouragement and Inspiration: It is tough to get started in a new field, and your mentor understands this from personal experience. They have tried and failed, they have tried and found success. As a result, they know how to keep you motivated and energized when things might get a little tough out there.
  • Mentors Offer Objectivity: You may be a little too close to your own efforts to be able to see them clearly. A mentor can step in and offer an objective point of view, helping you to focus your intentions and allowing you to avoid costly missteps. They are not swelled or steered by passions: they can see your efforts objectively, which can become a crucial strategic weapon.
  • Mentors Offer Opportunity: Most often, your mentor is going to be connected with professional ties that can help you grow and expand. As you prove yourself over time, your mentor will open up new opportunities and networking possibilities to boost your professional strides…they will open doors. They will make connections.
  • Mentors Help You Set and Measure Goals: Emerging in a new field requires an ability to continue moving forward, and goals set that can help you stay on track and focused. A mentor knows how to set goals that are achievable yet will continually push you to drive harder. They should know how to measure, and attribute success rates.
  • Mentors are Cost Effective: Mentors don’t charge you anything – and this is a luxury you will not find in many (if any) situations as a business. The value you claim from the mentorship will depend on many individual details, but as a start-up, you cannot beat the cost of mentoring: which is zero.

Find Your Folks

It is pretty easy to see how a mentor can assist and guide you – so how do you go about finding one?

First, you want to clearly map out your goals, so you know the type of person you’ll be seeking.

Checking in your own network then, perhaps via LinkedIn or with some other similar service, you could target folks who you admire in your field…people who’ve accomplished what you’d like to be doing.   

Don’t have anyone in your own network to tap? No worries – there’s a bunch of sites for that, too like: https://findamentor.com/ and https://www.score.org/find-mentor. Finding a local expert is not difficult and could be the next step forward in your best business plan.


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