We are living in a booming economy.

More jobs. More opportunity. More freedom. Not only do people have the option to choose their job, they are also given the opportunity to choose from many different career paths.

For some, this means a 9-5 job– probably in an office, with an hour lunch break, working Monday through Friday.

And for others, this means taking a more entrepreneurial route. These are the small business owners, the escapees from the corporate life. These are the people who transition from a 9-5 to the gig economy.

So, why change?



From Limitations

Employees have bosses. Always someone to answer to, show work to, or work hard to impress, as you slowly work your way up the totem pole. Outside of that job, you are free to make your own choices in business. Choose who your clients are or will be. Choose the type of work, and the quality that you put forward. Form your own reputation and make your own decisions. In the gig economy, you are not limited in what you may do or accomplish. If you’re tired of these limitations, it may be time to transition.

From Schedules

Mornings are typically the same… driving in, stopping for a large coffee on the way to stay awake, and arriving with just a few minutes to spare. Your routine begins: checking emails, working on what you were told to, awaiting your hour long lunch break, and then returning for more emails and work. Wouldn’t it be nice to make your own schedule? Eat when you want? Talk to clients, new or old, when you want? Make it home in time for dinner every night? Sounds like freedom. Sounds like the gig economy.

From Commuting

It seems as though each day we hop back on the highway, a few more faces have joined. 30-minute trips around 8 AM have quickly turned into 45+ minute trips. Traffic builds up. Cars on major highways are delayed for construction. Four lane roads just aren’t enough anymore. With the gig life, you only need to travel when needed, during a time that you set. No more fighting with traffic at 8 AM every day.




Working in a gig economy, you are free to accept or reject each and every job that comes your way. With each project comes different expectations and requirements, time commitments, needed skill, and most influential, pricing. Lucky for you, in the gig economy, no decision is made and no project is taken on without your final say- so. So, choose what you feel is worth it—choose a price that is representative of your work and quality.

Being Your Own Boss

You have the ability to say yes or no. The power to accept or reject every new project presented to you, the option to hire or fire employees, and the opportunity to handle it all. As your own boss, it’s all up to you. Are you a leader? Are you confident with what you do? Are you emotionally intelligent? Can you make proper business decisions? If you’re answering yes to these questions, then do not be doubtful—you have what it takes to be your own boss.

If you’re looking for that extra push—here it is. Escape the 9-5 and transition into the gig economy. Get ready, future boss, the gig life is calling your name!


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