What side hustle best fits your needs?


First– decide why you want a side hustle. Is it so you can do what you love everyday and make some pocket money? Or is it because you’re part entrepreneur and feel like growing a business for large profit?


Next, you’ll want to double-check your SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based.

  • Are you experienced with the particular product or service you have in mind? Jot down a list of your personal attributes and talents related to the industry you would most want your side hustle to fall in. Be specific here. What are your favorite things to do? What are your best skills? Use this list to determine how well your side hustle fits your needs.
  • What kind of hours does your current job and lifestyle require? Calculate the amount of hours needed to get your side hustle going, and see if and how your new idea fits the schedule.
  • Is it relevant to you? Is this side hustle something you would enjoy doing and working toward everyday?
  • And is it worth it? A side hustle is a big project to tackle. Be sure you are ready for the commitment.


Now, let’s figure out how to assess which side hustle would best match your personality:


How would you describe yourself? Your typical attitudes and behaviors, and likes and dislikes, are great indicators as to what side hustle is best for you. Try performing a personality test such as Jung Typology to learn more about yourself. If you’re really curious and want detail and job suggestions, try the Myers-Briggs assessment. Some results may be equally as entertaining as informing and beneficial. Plus, the more you discover about yourself, the more narrowed your search for the perfect side hustle becomes.


At this point, your worst-case scenario is having a clue as to what you don’t want to do. But even that is a huge step in the right direction. So, what kinds of jobs fit your personality AND your SMART goals?


Now moving on to actually choosing the side hustle… there are many categories to choose from: freelance, online sales, consulting, creative work, technology, marketing, copywriting, teaching, and other services. But only a select few of these will truly match your needs. Take the time to understand the industry, typical jobs, and average pay within each of these categories.


Once you’ve chosen the best area of work, you can then decide on the job itself. For example, if you think freelance is your greatest match, you’ll then be contemplating jobs like illustrator, video creator, project manager, musician, and more. Once again, take the time to learn about each individual one: the daily tasks, rules and requirements, ability to scale, typical day-to-day interactions, etc. Now, do you have the personality for the job you just learned about? If yes, great. If not, that’s okay– keep looking.


If searching isn’t cutting it, then find a mentor with a similar personality. If you know someone that acts alike and has related interests, then sit down with he or she over coffee and ask for suggestions. Doesn’t matter who the person is. Maybe it’s someone you admire, someone you’re impressed by, or someone you’re related to that’s just a damn good businessman or woman.


But more importantly than any personality test or job suggestion. Put yourself in “future you’s” shoes. Are you enjoying life, making money, and staying happy?


Can you picture yourself successful? If yes to all of the above, you’ve picked a really great side hustle.


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