So, you have a business idea, you have a start-up plan and a budget. Now what?

My entrepreneurial friends and network know that they won’t be able to grow their business if they do not hustle and adapt. There are characteristics and behaviors many successful people have in common – why? Because these things work to build success. Here are some secrets that successful entrepreneurs know.  

How to maximize time

Many entrepreneurs start their days early and end their days late. They may spend mornings reading up on industry news or researching their competition. At night they may read or reply to e-mails or messages they received during the day because they were too busy to get to them in real-time. It is important to find time to relax and decompress, but entrepreneurs don’t often have a favorite TV show or spend time discussing the latest movies. Empires aren’t built sitting on the couch.

How to connect

When you were learning to interview, your parents or mentors probably told you to make eye contact, speak confidently and use a firm hand shake. These are small ways to show others that you own what you do or say. Entrepreneurs build their networks. If you want more tips on networking, check out these tips:  If You Build Your Network, The Gigs Will Come

How to fail fast

One of the greatest wastes of time and money is to keep grinding on an idea that is going nowhere. While it is important to have passion, work hard and put in the hours, successful entrepreneurs also know when to call it quits. Learning from mistakes is highly important because it allows for adaptation, adjustment and agility. Some leaders and influencers may make it look like they have never failed or been rejected, but rest assured, they have. The rebound is key- move on to the next idea or the next strategy with the learnings of the past.

How to seek the advice of others

Even the smartest people look to others for advice or have skilled and knowledgeable people around them. Monarchs to CEOs, they all have advisors and specialists to help them shine (the great ones acknowledge it). Try to understand the areas you are not knowledgeable in and find people in your circle or beyond to enhance your knowledge and abilities. Sometimes these are one-time events or once a year (tax-time), so don’t get bogged down by the idea of needing to add to your head count or long-term investment, but recognize when you need an expert.

While your journey may be just beginning, learn from those that have already made it and you will go far! Most of all, have confidence in your entrepreneurial-self.


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