Now that the holiday season is fading behind us, it pays to think a little about seasonal gigs and the benefits gained from planning ahead. While it may be too late to take advantage of this year’s holidays, you can certainly position yourself for increased success in the future. 

Perhaps the main ingredient for holiday success in most any niche, is proper planning. Whether you are providing services or creating products for sale, knowing how your audience reacts during the holidays can enable you to be there with your ready answer. 

Look at the Numbers 

The first thing to do in planning for future success, is to look at the most fruitful endeavors so far. Maybe you are inspired to create something new, or maybe you saw that something you offered did particularly well during the holidays. 

Look at sales figures, as well as costs. Is there a way that you could trim down the cost to make it more profitable next year? Can you buy in bulk, or stock-up earlier in the calendar year to save on inventory costs? 

If you are providing a service, look at how the season affects your demand. Are there more orders during the holidays, or how does the audience react according to the calendar? Would extra staffing allow you to take advantage of more orders? 

The performance of one year is no guarantee of the next one’s doing the same. However, you can often see how swells in seasonal demand can be boiled down into A+B=C kind of simplicity. If you want more C, you have to better understand the As and Bs of the equation. 

The gig economy will offer a lot of new and evolving ways to make a little money on your efforts.  Tune in to the latest advances in advertising and other ways to cash in on your ideas, and you can often harness a bigger and more lucrative holiday income stream.  

Find Your Folks 

In addition to sales increasing over the holidays, so too will engagement with most audiences.In most any niche, you will see that the holidays have a way of bringing people together to share more openly and warmly than during the rest of the year. 

Taking advantage of this increased interest is really a matter of timing. You will want to be ready with solid messages that provoke a conversation. You can look at it like sending out a holiday greeting card…you don’t want it to be sent too early, yet don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to share your warmest thoughts by waiting too long. 

Look at early December for specifically seasonal holiday messages, and even year-end missives. Take advantage of Thanksgiving too, and the fact that it offers a great opening line for you, in giving thanks.  

In fact, if you use the holidays as inspiration to look at the calendar more strategically, you will find it easy to make a loose road map of touch points you can employ throughout the year.Thinking ahead in this regard and using the holidays as the means to connect is smart business.  

While some parts of the gig economy are going to be more prone to benefit from holiday promotions than others, there is no doubt that most anyone can use the holidays to a professional strategic advantage. And that can make for a very happy new year, indeed. 

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