Sometimes in the gig world, it certainly feels like you are out there on your own. If you work from home, you might go days or even longer without the need to interact directly with other peopleI know this to be true in my world for sure. 

It is nice to know that if you are doing the gig life correctly, you will never truly be alone: you will more often be connected to other pros. Many times, these will be individuals who can somehow complement and uplift your skill set. 

Round Out the Offer 

It doesn’t matter what your offer, product or service is: there will be other professionals who can help you make a better offer to potential clients. 

  • A writer might find a designer to offer state-of-the-art graphics. They might together, find a web builder to offer full marketing packages. A photographer might know other marketing pros to be able to offer polished resumes and similar necessities to any kind of professional, or perhaps has a line with a framer to offer discounted projectsA painter might be in the mix as well. Media-rich professional bents will be interlaced for sure, and there will lots of ways you will find to complement your work with the work of others. Clients will rejoice! 
  • plumber will know a drywall guy, carpenters and painters. A full and quickly executed remodeling deal can be a lucrative way to entice homeowners to jump in. I have used roof guys to find gutter guys, and concrete guys to find fencing pros. In the handyman zone, many skilled guys can do a variety of different things, and so can be a true ace in the hole on a remodeling or construction project. 
  • A driver might know different entertainment options  like good restaurants, nightclubs and other hotspots that could offer a nice spot for their riders to enjoy. Especially in tourist-heavy cities like Las Vegas or Chicago, knowing the right places to celebrate is a definite plus. As the driver, you can even work out discount cards and other perks that get you a little kickback; I have used drivers for finding good spots like this for sure…they gave me a card to get in the door for free, and they later get a stipend from the club. 

Benefits Abound 

If you are not actively bundling your offers with those of aligned professionals, you may want to look at ways to reconsider.  

In most cases, the combined offer will be more attractive (less expensive, quicker, more robust) for the client to consider, and it will also help you cement relationships that can later be fruitful as well.  

Clients will be appreciative that you were able to offer more depth to a simple project. Other professionals will remember that you brought them work and may be willing to do the same reciprocally. Everybody wins! 

Considering the compounding benefits of reaching out and connecting to other, complementary pros and opportunities, it should remain an active part of any serious gigger’s mindset. Take advantage of networking opportunities, develop interest and show support for other professionals, interact in and around your professional spheres of influence. Offer referrals, and cultivate your network of like-minded pros.  

Grow your network, and keep it well tended. Reach out, often. Pay attention, and stay plugged in. It is a great way to make sure you are never truly alone in the gig economy! 


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