With thousands of entrepreneurs entering the market, and even more already grounded in a niche, you must learn to stand out.

Luckily, there are many ways to do this. Some tactics take more time and effort than others, but all will require a plan to be able to successfully carry them out.

A plan should consist of acquiring a bit of background knowledge through research, a calendar with clear goals to work toward in smaller increments of time, and of course, practice and trial and error.

Now, what are you planning for? What tactics are you brainstorming up or working from? Which work best for you?

We’ve put together a list of the most effective and beneficial options to begin with, as these are setting the foundation for yours or your company’s future growth:

Define your niche

Who are you targeting? To answer this, you must first ask another question: “who is interested in what you are interested in, or what you are selling or providing to customers?”

Defining your niche means putting the pieces together. With each step, you are able to dig a little deeper into who your exact target audience is, what their buying behavior is like, and how to communicate with this group:

  • What industry are you operating in?
  • What do you provide or sell?
  • Describe your ideal buyer
  • Segment your potential buyers into groups (consumer segmentation) and create a profile
  • What does this group want or need that either a) competitors do not provide or b) you can provide better?

Boom, you have a niche.

Establish a unique voice and personality

Talk directly to your target audience. Everything from the word choice, to the humor used or not used, to the preferred communication channels matter here.

Conduct some research and truly narrow down the best choices for your niche:

  • Where does your target audience already “hang out?” (campfire sites)
  • What are their other interests?
  • What impacts their buying behavior?
  • What kind of language and lingo do they use? Do they have a personality?

Gaining insight into each of these questions will help to pinpoint exactly how to communicate with your niche. Not only communicate with them, but also form a unique relationship with each and every one.

Create personable touchpoints

Touchpoints are seen every time a consumer comes in contact with your brand: an advertisement, a social media feed, or even word-of-mouth.

To create the best experience and reputation as a brand, you’ll want to ensure several things are always in check and ready for consumer opinions:

  • Make sure your touchpoints are personable, customized or tailored to your audience and niche
  • Double check that each touchpoints has some sort of CTA (call-to-action) to guarantee the ability of tracking a consumer from touchpoint to touchpoint
  • Continue changing and adapting; it is important to create a lasting image and a memorable reputation with your brand in the consumers eye, so continue to learn from and adapt to your target audiences preferences and buying behavior.

Act as a thought leader

It is important to never stop learning, or spreading knowledge. Nothing can be more credible than acting or becoming a thought leader in your industry or niche. Not only this, but also in regards to exposure; you are more likely to be seen, talked about, and chosen if you are involved and active in spreading knowledge to your consumers or to others in the industry.

To act as a thought leader, start spreading knowledge through:

  • Social media; Linkedin is better in a professional sense, yet Instagram or Facebook can be a more personable approach
  • Articles and blogging; never shy away from writing down your thoughts, strategies, opinions, etc. Many will benefit from this, especially yourself.
  • Panels and discussions; become a keynote speaker and share your ideas, struggles, success stories, and more with other professionals

Stay ahead of the game in the industry

Always continue learning, researching, listening, and applying. When you stop, so does the increase in growth and success.

Attend conferences either as a speaker or a listener, share your soaked-in knowledge with others, and create a lasting reputation of being two steps ahead of the game.

  • Continuously research new, emerging, and current industry topics
  • Learn from the leaders of the industry and play off of their successful tactics and strategies
  • Sharing your knowledge with others through panels, webinars, social media, and more can also allow you to practice your gained knowledge; this in time allows you to better apply your understanding and expertise… hence getting even farther ahead of the game

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