Research is one of those terms that may throw you right back in memories of school essays and theses. However, research is something you can apply to your personal and career life skills. Let’s use the example of moving a part-time passion to a business. You want to go from weekend babysitter to a career in childcare.

Learn the Basics

You may want to start with websites that have beginner / new-comer information on the subject you are looking at such as requirements for a business license. Your city or county likely has a web-based support and application process with FAQs. You can also review resources from your local chamber of commerce. Keep in mind, some types of businesses may require rigor and specialized certifications or maybe even inspections.

Ask the Experts

Once you know what it takes to get off the ground, you can certainly find more details to enhance your plan. For example, you can use specialized groups on social media to better understand the landscape of the market you are in. You might find help from others on what it takes to get into app-based services or to go the way of independent babysitting services or in-home care. Groups like these may help you to understand more specific information such as what you could expect to make in your area or lessons-learned so you can avoid the mistakes of others. Books by noted experts in the space are also a fantastic research resource. You can use the long-proven research resource for this: your local library.  


Research is something we can also use once we are well established in a space or career. As we become more experienced, we may begin to look for ways to add more value to our self, product, or services. Using our example, this may be something like learning about specific child psychology theories or specialized teaching methodologies. The value from this type of research may be reputational, it but can also be monetary. As you become more and more well-versed through research, your knowledge will shine and will likely bring more demand for your services and more to the bottom line.

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