Christine Mayo, Professional Recruiter & Owner of Mayo Technical Staffing

Tell us about your gig.

I am a direct hire placements firm. I’ve been doing this since 1988. I help people find really good positions with reputable companies throughout the United States.

What’s your favorite part about your gig?

Honestly, my favorite part is just helping job seekers not only understand what career field they belong or where they see themselves, but helping them get to that level. Maybe through career counseling or maybe some resume writing to ensure it’s ATF compliant. What I love about my gig is finding people jobs.

If there is anything you dislike about your job?

My biggest challenge right now is learning how to deal with people who come to me. I come from a professional background, starting years ago. I’ve learned that if a candidate reaches out to a recruiter, then that person is showing interest in a position he or she’d like to be considered for. I reach back out to the candidate if they have the qualifications that look great, to my client, on paper and then will schedule a time for the two to speak. Sometimes people do not answer emails, calls, and texts. All of the sudden, I just get ghosted and I don’t understand why. It tends to be millenials, too.

If you met someone who would enjoy owning his or her own recruiting firm, what advice would you give this person?

The one piece of advice I would give is to be sure you understand your clients. That means all aspects of their company culture. Before looking for a candidate, you need to make sure you truly understand the environment, location, position and responsibilities, management team—basically an entire organizational analysis on that particular position. That way, when you look for a candidate, you already know the type of person that would best fit in the company’s culture. 


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