“Take everything as experience, learn and grow from it.”


What is your gig?


How long have you had your gig?

I’ve been doing photography for a little over three years. I’ve officially had my own business for about a year and a half.

Why have you chosen this gig?

I started as a hairstylist about five years ago to find that I just wasn’t loving doing it everyday, so I picked up makeup and fell in love with it. Being in the industry you meet a lot of different artists and photographers, and I was always completely fascinated with beauty photography that I decided to take my craft seriously and learn everything I possibly could about photography in order to launch my own business!

What do you like most about your gig?

I love getting to meet the new people. Every time I do a shoot with a new client I feel like we always leave as good friends. I get to be my authentic me with incredible people and there is just no beating that feeling.

What do you like least about your gig?

Inconsistency. There is no guaranteed income with photography, one month you could bring home over $4,000+ with photography and the very next you could bring home $0 from photography. Definitely something to consider and be prepared for.

What advice would you offer to someone looking to start a similar gig?

I heard a quote recently that is perfect advice for this…”you can receive thousands of No’s but you only need that one amazing Yes to make it count” So just take everything as experience, learn and grow from it. Don’t get discouraged!

For more information:

Website: tjbakerphoto.com

Instagram: @tjbakerphoto

Phone: (470) 514-0943

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