“It’s not just about the money for us, it’s more about helping people”

What is your gig?

My gig is vacation rental property ownership and management, and we’ve now just merged into wholesale and Fix-n-Flip. If you’re a consumer, you would 9 out of 10 times seek an Air BnB or Home Away while looking for a place to stay in Destin, Florida; this is where our property is, but one day we will have a property everywhere, hopefully. You can use keywords in a search engine to look for a place to stay, like a 2-bedroom/2 bath, near the beach with restaurants close by; after searching, you would find our property with tons of others. But what makes ours stand out is that we basically provide concierge services: a golf cart at no extra cost, certain amenities like a massage therapist for an extra cost, personal chefs to provide a meal for you, a round of golf, or tennis time. We like to say we provide a luxury stay that’s memorable.

We just purchased our first Fix n’ Flip, so I’m in the midst of working with contractors and architects with blueprints; it’s in Atlanta, right near Lakewood amphitheater. Last night, we did a soft launch for the wholesale side of the business; that’s where you can purchase a home or a distressed property from the homeowner, and within 7-10 days, close on the home by quickly finding a cash buyer and unloading that property. So, I don’t really hold the loan or hold the ownership of the house longer than 10 days.

How long have you had your gig?

We started our business plan, began working with the Small Business Administration, and started seeking out funding. Our plan probably started in 2017 and we incorporated at the end of 2018. So we’ve been doing it since quarter four of 2018. 

Why have you chosen this gig and what do you enjoy most about it?

We love to travel. What we found in traveling using hotels is that they don’t provide our most preferred accommodations; we want to let other people experience the type of accommodations that we like, but at an affordable rate. We’re not out here price gauging, we’re very competitive, and we will also be giving back to the community once a quarter by giving away a free weekend 3 night stay. This would be to people who otherwise may never go to Florida or may never have heard of Destin.

We’re going to partner with Boys and Girls Club of Atlanta and others. We’re going to find some families who may not have been able to travel before, and especially the people who are not in the financial situation to afford these trips.  We want to show people that there’s more to do than going to Orlando and that there’s more in Florida than just your typical South Beach. Wholesale is quite lucrative if you know how to do and how to do it right, but it’s not just about the money for us, it’s more about helping people. We want to be problem solvers for people such as, those who can’t afford to live in their home anymore, an elderly person with a home too large or too much for them to upkeep, or children who inherited an unwanted home from their parents. That’s why we went into business– how can we solve problems and make positive and memorable experiences? Hence, why the name of our business is called, “Experiences Remembered, LLC.” 

What do you like least about your gig?

The man hours it takes to prepare for the launches, prepare a home, have it ready for short term rentals, write standard operation procedures, and employ the right people in your business, all while still working a primary job. My business partner and I still work 9-5, so everything we do is either in the evenings, on the weekends, or during our lunch breaks. It’s scary to employ people when you don’t know if they’re going to run your business the way you would run it or would want to run your business. 

What advice would you offer to someone looking to start a similar gig?

Don’t be afraid. Don’t wait. We always think that it takes a ton of money to get started, that you have to have things given to you with a silver spoon, that your family has to have given you money, or that you have to inherit from your parents. It doesn’t take a ton of money to start a business. If you have a dream, go for it. If that means you save $10 a month for 2 years before you jump off, then do it. Or, if that means you have to go to the SBA, your local bank, or the Credit Union to get a small signature loan, then do it. But don’t not try. Failing is not trying- if I tried, I didn’t fail. If that one particular method or path didn’t work, then you just change the course of the path. My advice to anybody is don’t wait, go out there, and try to live your dream. You get one life, so you might as well just live it.


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