Having a website for your business is a great thing, A website makes a smooth and easily accessible entry into the gig economy for many budding business folk. However, building a website is just not enough on its own.  

Making information available online is certainly stepping in the right direction but promoting the website and its posts are important aspects of finding true success today 

Happily, for the active gig life players online, promoting your site now is actually easier than ever before. You just have to be ready for it and jump right in with your well-oiled plans. 

Prepping the Playing Field 

In addition to your website, you will want to establish some social media accounts to promote and support your efforts. Happily, this will not incur more cost or anything: they will only take time to manage. The benefits will generally balance your outputted time spent here…or they should. 

Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, you can have a solid and fairly detailed social presence without a ton of time going into it. True, you will need to spend some time every week to make it all work, but again, the implied returns for this effort makes perfect sense. You can also hire someone to manage it for you, but it is best to get a feel for the effort first. 

Here are some simple guidelines to help you think it through: 

  • Create accounts that are separate from your personal ones, when appropriateIt doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running, as most will benefit from this distance. Plus, you can then promote your efforts with the personal account too. It depends on the platform and the norms there, but most will allow a corporate page. 
  • Become organically active in each area. You want to connect with like-minded professionals and potential clients without promoting anything. Participate without the expectation of any direct or specific return. 
  • Use each platform in the way it works best. Twitter, you want to push URLs, provocative ideas, and headlines. LinkedIn, you would want to focus on stories/ideas that resonate more with business people. Facebook, you can build on familiarity and communal approvals, maybe go after the emotional aspectsInstagram loves images, so feed them properly therewith visually rich shares. 

Know that these four social sites are simply common, but they are by no means the limit of where you can or should be involved in promoting your site. Look into your niche too, and don’t be afraid to get specific. If there are other platformand sites that connect you to similar minded people, get in there! 

How to Deploy 

Luckily, promoting a new post on each of these websites is very easy once you have an established account. The key to doing it well, is to not blanket them all with the same effort handled one way. 

Instead, you want to look at each platform, and create a promotion that fits for itIt may mean getting a tiny URL (https://tinyurl.com/) to create a short, sharable link (especially for Twittershares)…but that one link will work well across all platforms if needed. Use the customizer to make it a readable link as well, e.g., tinyurl.com/my-story-idea. 

Armed with your shareready link, you can create a short description of your post specific for each platform. This is your crucial step: to use each platform the way it is meant to be used, not applying a coarser “one size fits all” approach that might effectively limit your results.  

Stagger your promotions, and isolate tracking on each effort. Know how well they deliver. Also, if people are connected to you on more than one platform, they will see different pitches slanted different ways over a couple days. If one pitch does not resonate, another might. 

The Nutshell 

It is not hard to be socially active in promoting your efforts. It just requires thoughtful steps forward: 

  1. Create a few relevant social media accounts, and participate normally in them – promote more than just your own work; 
  2. Create a TinyURL to make a share-simple web address when needed; 
  3. Create your different write-ups of new content specific and accurate to each platform for sharing – think about images as well, or video if it pertains; 
  4. Stagger your promotions and isolate tracking to ensure maximum efficacy. 

Many of the social sites will allow you to “push” your post for a minimal investment as well – so you can reach out to even larger and more specifically defined audiences. If your budget does not allow the extra spend, you can simply make use of the popularity of the sites mentioned and organically find your audience. 

If you build it, they may not come of their own accord, but if you reach them socially, you may indeed find that true and lasting field of dreams! 

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