Having your own work space doesn’t have to break the bank!

If you’ve worked from home before, you know one thing to be true: Having a designated work area is key for concentration, efficiency and, ultimately, for you to do your best work for your business and clients. However, you probably also know how challenging it can be to find your own space when you have roommates, kids, pets or truly any distraction around you that can affect your focus.

Because we understand the importance of a home office, we have developed a list of easy, affordable ways for you to turn that extra room — or even a small corner — into an office for less than $500. Here are the five key things that will help you accomplish this and how to get started right away.

Lighting is important

Because you’ll be spending most of your time in this home office it’s important to find somewhere that has light and won’t make you feel like you’re in a cave. If windows and natural lighting are not available at your space, here are some affordable lamps that will add some color and will help you stay awake:

Find a place with the lowest amount of noise (or some noise-canceling headphones!)

Even though this sounds like an obvious one, finding a place that doesn’t have a lot of noise is key for your concentration. If you don’t have an available room to turn into an office, make sure that you pick a spot that’s far from the living room, kitchen or even places where children might be playing.

If you struggle with this task, here are some of the most affordable noise-canceling headphones that will turn your mood from frazzled to focused:

Comfortable furniture

Even though you work from home, you’re no stranger to long hours and all nighters. This is why it’s so important for you to have a comfortable space with the right furniture. Did you know that, according to recent studies, productivity is 17.5% higher in ergonomic office chairs? And they don’t have to be expensive!

Here are five ergonomic chairs you can buy for less than $100.

Think of what inspires you … for as low as $15!

Finding inspiration to do your best work can sometimes be a struggle if you’re not in the right environment. This is why you should focus on adding a few pieces to your home office that will help you feel inspired every day. Whether it’s a picture of your kids, or the image of a place you dream of visiting, having an item that will bring your mind to a calm, more creative place is essential.

If you want to keep your expenses low, DIY projects are always a fun idea. Take a look at this $15 picture organizer that will bring you back down memory lane when you need a break.

Make it the office off your dreams

Decorating an office doesn’t have to be expensive and you can actually have fun while doing it. In order to stay under budget, look into small things like adding a pop of color, having a fun piece of decoration, or even getting some original art from a street artist. With only $100 you can get anything from a few desk plants to sophisticated bookends and pencil holders.

A good place to start is searching at garage sales, Facebook marketplace and even websites that will help your inner decorator get creative. Remember that at the end of the day this is your space and you can customize it in any way you want. There are simply no rules!

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