Are you tired of the daily grind of your office job? Don’t put your resignation letter in just yet. We have some information that could put you on a path to being self-employed!

Make a plan

Ask yourself a few questions to help develop a plan. What kind of income would you need to earn a living from “home”? What are your marketable skills? What is your timeline to get there? Do you need to be physically located in the home, or is it just home base? Once you come up with these answers, try to fill in the steps in between. For example, if you want to work from home within six months, what do you need to accomplish in the first month, second month, etc.?

Home Networking

Just because you plan to work from home, doesn’t mean you won’t be interacting with others. Whether you are selling products such as cosmetics, leggings or home essentials, or blogging, you need to develop a network. Maybe this means reaching out to friends or friends of friends to get the word out, or spending hours connecting in social media groups, networking is key to building a home-based business.

Tenacity Will Get You There

A job is a job, whether you are in a shiny office building or your cute cottage. You must put in the hours regardless of where you are located. You really will get what you give. If you want to get into graphic design, you need to build your portfolio and get your work in circulation. If you are selling home-made cupcakes, you need to develop recipes that will have people knocking down your door. You will experience hiccups and disappointment, but if you believe in your product, don’t give up! Take the mistakes or disappointments as learning experiences that will drive a better outcome in the future.

Check Your Plan

It is important to keep yourself accountable for results when you are a team of one. When you review your plan, are you where you expected you would be at this time? If not, what kept you from getting there? Was it the quality of the product? Did you get distracted? Be honest with yourself and adjust your behavior or your goods accordingly. If you are making clothing, maybe people don’t like hot pink as much as baby pink. Maybe you need to brush up your finishing techniques. Look for feedback, trends and interest and adjust.

Launch Time!

Your plan has paid off and you have met your goals. Now it is time to decide whether your side-hustle can become your main hustle. If you are meeting your financial goals (or have a system to get there) and you are ready to be your own boss, then now is the time to cut the cord and move towards your goal of earning a living where you live.


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