How to Become a Successful Travel Blogger

So you want to become a travel blogger? Well, do you travel often, and can you write? If you answered yes to both, then you’ll need to know the travel blogging basics before hitting the plane.


First, the essentials: a suitcase, pocket money, maybe a travel buddy, and hopefully a plan as to where you’re going. But that’s the best part—it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. And your future readers want to know allllll about your trip.

Guarantee the quality of each blog

Put some oomph in it! The more effort you put in, the more readers you receive—ideally. Be strategic when creating the structure of your blog; break down paragraphs and make it visually appealing. Make your blog inviting by using real, quality pictures, possibly some quotes, and definitely a lot of keywords. Your strongest keywords in each blog will vary; but you can find the most applicable by creating a set of 20+ words directing relating to your destination and travel highlights.


Find your niche

You have to know who you’re talking to. Why would readers want or need to visit your page? But more importantly, why would readers choose your blog over the next average Joe? The more you know about your niche and target audience, the easier it will be to continuously deliver relevant and valuable content.


Create something for purchase

Make a touch-point for your viewers, while generating a profit. Maybe it’s a class you offer that helps people plan vacations more efficiently, or an e-book that teaches travelers how to minimize tourism costs. Whatever it may be, give your viewers a chance to gain an additional benefit from reading your blog and/or being a loyal follower of. This enhances your credibility, and once again, your value.


Be personable. Not pretentious. Get to know your viewer’s likes and dislikes. Connect with your readers. Remember who your audience will more than likely be. People want someone real with true experiences and honest opinions—someone who posts quality, entertaining, and informative content.



Do your best to get your name out there. Attend local events (fairs, community programs, etc.). There is no event too small or too large to attend, and there is no industry without employees who want a vacation. Next, engage and be active on social media. Comment, like, and share other traveler’s content. Connect your blog to a killer Instagram account featuring all of your previous destinations. Also— you’re traveling the world; do your best to meet many people along the way and spread the word about your blog as you do.


Consistency—because how can an audience learn from your travel experience and destinations if you only leave your county once a year. To the lucky people with lots of vacation time and a few places written on a bucket list: this might be your new form of income while your feet are in the sand. Regardless of who you are, be consistent with posting content. Dedicated readers trust that by being loyal, they will continue to be delighted with fresh, genuine content often.

Safe travels!


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