Here we are – at the brink of another technology revolution. In a world in which we were once impressed by the usage of smartphones and computers, is now leveling up on technological capabilities.

Our lives are being made simpler and easier: information sits at our fingertips via the Internet, Cloud computing stores our data, and e-commerce encourages shopping online versus in-person for added convenience.

So what’s next in technology? What will revolutionize the way we plan and organize, and operate and control, our businesses?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) are quickly becoming essential to business.

With the amount of efficiency and quality that these two are able to produce, businesses of all shapes and sizes are beginning to adopt the technologies at a faster pace.

In an open letter from Michael Dell, he stated, “The forces of cloud, big data, mobile and security are changing people’s relationship with technology, just as the PC did almost 30 years ago. Now it’s time to do what Dell does best—make these innovations simpler, more affordable and more accessible, putting more power into the hands of more people than ever before.”

These innovations are changing the game—for all businesses, small or large. So how might a small business, or an individual with a gig, possibly use AI and VR, and why?


Efficiency with Daily Tasks

Administrative tasks.

These tasks are typically tedious and/or time consuming, but someone has to do them. Every company needs the organization that a personal assistant brings. Save time on emailing, setting meetings, reviewing and planning calendars, and more, with tools like, an AI-powered administrative employee.


You’ve probably heard of Zoom, a platform for workspace communication and similar to the idea of Skype. An AI Sense feature has been added. This new feature can actually auto-transcribe meetings and publish them as searchable texts. As your meeting goes on, texts will continuously be transcribed and added for all members in-call to view. Meeting notes have been made simple—no more backtracking, quick copying, or “can you send me…?”

Business as a Whole

AI can help transform your business. Marketing, communication, and data are all crucial parts of business. Specifically with marketing, AI programs such as Albert can be implemented to test and optimize ad campaigns, as well as track consumers from awareness through conversion stages. Strong marketing efforts brings the need for strong communication. An AI chatbot on sites like Facebook, Kik, or even your webpage will allow interested consumers to ask questions 24/7. Lastly, after all marketing and communication channels have been optimized, the results must be tracked and recorded. What better way than through AI services?

Optimizing & Improving Capabilities for Consumers

Virtual reality (VR) is significantly bettering your consumers’ experience. People are now allowed the opportunity to “try on” products prior to purchase, be “transported” to various destinations, and go through training virtually. Whether clothing or makeup, a customer can test it. Whether a meeting around the globe or a travel hot spot, a customer can be present. Whether hiring, training, or recruiting, a customer and company’s process can be made easier.

It won’t be long before these are essential pieces to business. Start investing now. Pretty soon we will be looking back on AI and VR, thinking the same as we did of smartphones—“there’s no way these are that great or useful.”


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