As a professional copywriter, I am amazed at how well non-pros can write sometimes. Envious.Pretty darned jealous of it, in fact. It took me years, and school, and lots of work to get close to it…and it is debatable how well I can master it sometimes. 

One difference between me and some of these folks, is that I went after being a writer very intentionally, while they kind of stumbled on it later, by chance. Maybe by necessity. They typically had a different kind of career path, and then later found a way to share their expertise through writing about stuff. 

It is a lot more common than you think! 

Parlay Your Professionalism 

There are a lot of attractive things about a professional, in any sense, writing about their experiences. Firsthand knowledge of being in the trenches is a tool that others tend to find great worth and value from in every niche, anywhere. 

If you have some time under your belt in any professional capacity, there is a good chance you could use it to your advantage: 

Do you have the knack? 

First, and most important to discover, is do you have a knack and a desire to write? This is going to be very important to keep you motivated, for there will be many hours of slogging ahead of you. If wrestling with the verbs and nouns of it all is not attractive to you, this is not the right direction.  

Do you have a venue? 

It may help to have a place to write, free from any obligation or encumbrance. A place to stretch you wings, and work on your craft. Luckily, blogging is free, and super easy to do – you can literally just go start a blog. Write, and write some more. Not having a place to publish is hogwash in the digital age.  

Can you connect to an audience? 

Once you have been writing or blogging for a little while, it might help to see how the general public reacts to your voice and insights. There are public forums as places to share content and interactand the simplest one to access might be Facebook, and/or Facebook Groups. You can also use LinkedIn – pay attention to their Groups and Articles features.  There are other content outlets to pursue, but some will depend on your niche. Yet a passionate voice can always find a following – it will cut through the noise, and often will echo prominently. 

Is there any monetary gain to be had? 

Ah, the age-old gig question: when do I get paid?Happily, for the would-be writer, there are plenty of places that will pay for a professional’s impressions on a variety of topics. It will be driven a lot by your niche, but think of organizations that cater to similar pros, e.g., medical groups, professional organizations/clubs and the myriad of websites supporting them.  

Connecting with the people who pay for your expertise is going to be the hardest part of this effort, but if it were totally easy it likely wouldn’t pay. Something for nothing doesn’t work here either I am afraid. 

However, there is every reason to encourage a “non-writer” who has experience to write about it and make more of their time in the trenches. It doesn’t really matter what you are writing about: from quilting through bookkeeping with all stops in-between, passion will sell.  

Worst case scenario would be you write a bunch, and no one cares. That certainly happens.  

Yet I think more commonly with a passionate voice, you can (and will) find a way to snag a few gigs and connect with a few more like-minded souls. You can put a saddle on your own experience and ride it out to all kinds of interesting places – because great writers often do just seem to grow on trees! 



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