For every one out there who is trying to balance buying professional, comfortable, stylish (if that’s you), and affordable clothing, we’re in this together.

Dressing for your gig can be difficult.

You’re on a career path that requires the constant meeting of new people and making new connections. You are forever making first impressions.

And first impressions mean everything, especially when you’re dressing for the gig.

Tips & Tricks

Look the part

Just the same as you would want a personal trainer to look fit and the CEO of a company to wear a suit, others expect you to dress your part as well. Maybe do some looking around online to see how others in your industry dress, or really take note of fellow employees’ outfits. The goal is simply to tie it all together: the introduction, meeting, or even a conversation—the outfit is the last key part. It should compliment your role. So, dress conservatively, and with purpose.  

Mix and match

With basic essentials

Fill your closet with the essentials. Every woman needs a favorite lipstick and blazer, just the same as every man needs a preferred dress coat and shoes. For both men and women, you should have the following: undershirts, black socks or tights, a few button-down shirts, nice jeans, and versatile shoes. Keep all clothing pieces in mind when shopping, so that you are strategic when buying new things. Be sure that each new piece can be worn multiple times in multiple ways; the more outfits you can brainstorm making with it, the better the item.

With colors

Discover your best colors. What looks best on you? Dark or light? Maybe colors with an earthy, natural tone versus bright and eye-catching look better on you. Buy the basic colors for yourself. Imagine a paint wheel of colors; choose the tones (or paint colors in the same row) that go together. Mix and match these colors in tank tops and undershirts, pants and skirts, dresses and jackets, and more. The next time you need something to pair with or to complete an outfit, you will have many choices… because color won’t be an issue.

Heel height               

To make this short and sweet for the gentlemen reading this, the recommended heel height in a professional sense is 2-3 inches. 3.5 is occasionally acceptable. No need to be the tallest woman in the room, or the one who can pull off any height or color of heels. In fact, showing up with feet instead of inches may ever deter new clients or professionals. So, pick an appropriate size for you. If you still don’t know how tall yours should be, check out the most appropriate ones chosen for you.

Color of the Year

Well, I hope you look good in darker shades because Classic Blue is the Color of 2020 according to Pantone. Who would’ve guessed it? “Reminiscent of the sky at dusk… It’s a color that anticipates what’s going to happen next,” said Laurie Pressman, the vice president of the Pantone Color Institute.

Who, What, Wear is next with their choice of colors for the year. So far they’ve chosen sherbet, blues, orange, green, and more. Choose any of these and you’re style is updated and impressive.

Places to Buy

With so many options, both online and in-store, it’s hard to choose. But since we’re looking for the best bang for our buck while keeping our style, we’ve put together a list of just a few stores that may have what you need for your professional wardrobe needs:

  • Express
  • Old Navy
  • Target
  • TJ Maxx
  • Shein
  • Macy’s and
  • Nordstrom

For more style options and places to buy, peek here. We’ve named our favorites and now it’s up to you.

Go pick some professional, comfortable, stylish, and affordable clothes. The gig life calls for it!

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