If you are considering starting an online store front, you may also be considering what to sell. There is a market for just about anything, but some are stronger than others. Some require more expertise as well. For example, in a group I belong to, I recently read stories about buyers who criticized the accuracy of listings. Not because there was mal-intent from the listers, but certain buyers (in this case vintage Pyrex and Fiesta Ware) are passionate about what they collect and are very knowledgeable. Before you sell, you need to know what group you are marketing to and what their expectations are.

Here are some popular categories for online sales:

Vintage and Antique Goods

As mentioned above, this is one area where you may have more discerning buyers. If selling in this category, do your research. Buyers will want to see the item from multiple angles and know if there are any condition issues. It is best to disclose anything like a chip, wear or any other imperfections and it may impact the value of some items. This is an important factor in this category. Chances are, even if there is a condition issue, there is probably still a buyer out there looking to buy something at a good value.

Old New Stock or Returns

This is a popular category and there are many ways to sell online when it comes to “new” merchandise. There are several very large retailers that allow people like you and I to scan a UPC or look up an item and list it on their site. Some of these same retailers sell off old stock and returns as well. A quick internet search will uncover a wealth of information about buying new old stock (un-used, unopened items that may not be available in stores any longer) or returns by the box or pallet-full.


There are so many niche clothing re-selling sites available today. You will find sites that specialize in the latest styles, designer / high-end, vintage, and more. Selling clothing is something that can subsidize a fashionista’s habits or allow for an eagle-eyed second-hand shopper to grow their income. Clothing sellers should make sure that they are properly cleaning and storing their item because you will quickly lose a repeat buyer and gain bad reviews if you sell dirty, smelly or animal hair covered items.

Hand-made Items  

There are several online marketplaces that specialize in hand-made items. This ranges from jewelry to sculpture. An important consideration for this area is to price fairly. Consider the time and materials you put into creating the item(s). Also consider your skill level and experience and price up or down to match. It helps to search for similar items or categories and get a feel for what others are selling their items for and how many sales they are making.

Sports Memorabilia and Collectables

This is another category that requires research and expertise because buyers often know their stuff. Like the example I mentioned earlier, they may even correct you if you describe your listing incorrectly. Try not to take the critiques personally, but instead learn from the feedback you receive from potential buyers. There are often market price guides for sports memorabilia and other popular collectable items (TV and movie franchises, baseball cards, comic books, etc.) which makes pricing a bit easier and consistent.

These are just a few of the categories out there. If you have an idea of what you would like to sell, chances are, there is a market for you. Just choose the appropriate platform for you and refine, refine, refine until you are competitive in your space.


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