Balancing a Family Along with Gigs

One of the greatest benefits to working gigs is flexibility. When a family or parent needs to find or adjust their income, gigs can provide the ability for them to make money, but also maximize their time with their family.

How I Found My Gigs

My first foray into a side gig was before kids. I started making jewelry and seasonal décor items and selling them on Etsy. My income was as steady as I wanted it to be. While working full-time, and I just wanted a creative outlet and some fun money, so I had more flexibility to start and stop as needed. In fact, I stopped for quite a while.

When pregnant, I looked at the cost of day care, diapers and all the things that come with a new baby. I took commissions for custom ornaments- sports team colors, caricatures, fanciful creatures, you name it. Soon enough, I was earning enough for a good little nest egg and I was able to stop again when I needed to focus on my new baby.

Get Your Gig Started, Make Money

Many parents search for something more stable to do as full or part-time employment. If you are looking to work from home, there are plenty of options for income opportunities. Online retail is a common option. You don’t have to be creative to make this work. With little to no initial investment you can start earning money from home.

You can find old clothes that don’t fit, or you don’t enjoy and find a secondary market for those. If you have old high-school clothes, or your parent’s, you can sell vintage items on Etsy. Designer labels or more recent items can be sold on Primark or The Real Real. eBay and Facebook Marketplace have few restrictions on whether something needs to be vintage or a particular brand (just be wary of counterfeits!). Think you don’t have anything someone else would want? There is even a market for old and distressed clothing.

If you are creative, then you may be able to make something that others would want. When selling online, consider the size of your creations for ease and the expense of shipping, or sell locally if they are bigger items. Perhaps you are tech-savvy. There are consulting and freelance jobs you can do from home, such as graphic design or web development.

Schooled On Balance

With school-aged children, the opportunities for remote gigs are more feasible. Consider options such as driving for a rideshare like Lyft of Uber or delivery services such as DoorDash or Postmates.

For more income, you can specialize. This often requires some amount of study or certification. Examples are real-estate, skilled-trades such as carpentry or in the specialization within the beauty industry. These often allow you to work during certain windows of the day or night and allow you to maximize your time with family.

With gigs and with families, we all have different needs. The most important consideration is to make sure that your gigs, side hustle or career or any combination, make sense for you, your skill-level and your needs.


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