Taking the first step into self-employment can be tough. You just need a breakthrough. Some people have found it out of necessity in the last year and others have tried to find it for many years.

As a creative that has tried everything from painting to metalsmithing, I know firsthand how hard it can be to find a market for your goods or talent. Adaptation is surely a component to finding your buyers. Adjusting and readjusting to find out what they respond to. Few of us are lucky to get it right the first time. Maybe you really enjoy painting roses and you have tried online marketplaces, promotions on social media and no one bites. Then you try painting irises and suddenly you have orders! People like your irises so much you get orders for peonies and petunias and sure enough, your beloved roses sell too.

When it comes to offering a service or consulting, your breakthrough may look more like landing a big enough client to cover your income needs or enough to show others that you have the experience and skills they need. It will likely take leveraging every connection you have to get the first jobs. To shortcut this, you may want to try offering your services on job-seeker or task-oriented sites like Upwork, Fiverr, or Guru. On these sites, you can offset your newness as a consultant or business-owner with access to many people and companies that need a service. Furthermore, if you set competitive rates compared to others, you may be able to quickly add to your list of customers and experience.

Whether you are selling items you made or your years of experience, identifying who will buy is often something you come by through the hustle. Relentlessly trying new things with your product or working hard to network to connect with potential clients is how anyone can make their breakthrough. Sure, some make it faster than others, just keep trying as long as you are passionate about your product.

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