5 Ways to Relieve Stress In a Life Well-Gigged

Most are familiar with the metaphoric snowball effect; something starts small and steadily rolls into something larger and harder to handle.

Stress is similar. One thing piles on top of another, and another, and then another. But when you reach an emotional end, when the last straw is pulled, or when you’ve built your big snowman, what do you do? Do you acknowledge your stressors, avoid the issue, or improve your situation?

Everyone is different. It’s expected that all stressors are not the exact same, and that there isn’t one method to all of the madness. But there are a few simple ways below to help you work through your own stressful moments and end the day a little calmer or happier than anticipated.

Say Woosah With Me…


1. Take a breather and relax.

Go the natural route. Light a candle with a relaxing smell, maybe lavender or eucalyptus, and just breathe. Find a YouTube video for breathing exercises. Deep breathing can be beneficial for distressing, sleeping, and more. If you’re not a candle person, try warming some essential oils in a diffuser; Amazon offers discounted aromatherapy sets made up of many different smells and packages.


2. Exercise.

Whether deciding to hit the gym, walk around the neighborhood, or perform an at-home yoga or Pilates video, you are doing yourself a big favor. Exercising produces endorphins, which act as natural painkillers and stress fighters in the brain; endorphins can decrease tension, uplift energy levels, improve sleep, boost self-confidence, and more.


3. Spend time with a happy face

Whether your happy face is a friend, family member, or animal. It’s as simple as spending time with the people or animals that make you smile. The ones who kind of allow your mind to forget what you’re stressing about. The ones whom will support and encourage you (even if he or she can’t speak human words). Those who make you feel better, especially when you’re feeling the pressure.


4. Check on your nutrition.

Especially caffeine intake. This ingredient can be found in many drinks: coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc. Unfortunately, the daily consumption of one or all of these can lead to higher stress levels, particularly with large quantities. Another red-flag ingredient is sugar. High levels of stress can drive blood sugar levels up and increase anxiety. Read more about the highs and lows of sugar here.


5. Write it down.

Getting every thought, care, and concern that may potentially be causing you stress can be mentally relieving. It can help you see the big picture. With everything on paper, you can easily communicate your stressor, prioritize your tasks at-hand, and/or find ways to improve your current method, state of mind, or issue. While writing your stressors and thoughts down are exceptionally helpful in the moment of worry or anxiety, this same activity can be beneficial on an even larger scale if made into a daily or weekly habit; grab a journal and begin to jot down your thoughts and feelings on a consistent basis. Your emotional intelligence will grow, and your stressors will become smaller and smaller.

​If you’ve made it to the end and are still feeling stressed, head to bed early tonight. Give yourself a mental break, relax, and start fresh in the morning.

Tomorrow is a new day. A happy, less stressful day.


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